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A_Katarzyna Twarowska cz2 131 by Paweł Krzywickiexa“It was a great pleasure for me to take part in World of Difference Award Ceremony organized by The International Alliance for Women. I was honored to meet such an inspiring and interesting women from all over the globe. This experience provided me with a  global perspective on leadership issues and deeper understanding of diversity.I believe women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. In the future I would like to continue supporting women leaders and inspire them to occupy top positions in organizations.” -Katarzyna Twarowska, CEO of Women Leadership in Business Foundation- TIAW Global Forum Panelist,  WODA Recipient 2015 (Poland)

yanee page profile photoThe 2015 TIAW awards has been one of the most memorable experiences for me as an entrepreneur and woman leader. I’ve grown so accustomed to being ridiculed & chastised for my passion for empowering women to realize their economic potential that I was blown away by the recognition of the work I do as important & impactful. Not only did the event provide encouragement to continue but it also gave me inspiration & ideas in connecting with other like-minded change makers from around the world. The value, therefore, is so much more than celebrating men & women making positive change: it’s also strengthening them to continue and so even more.-Yaneek Page, founder of Future Services International Ltd., contributor to the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper, WODA Recipient 2015 (Jamaica)

Sonia Brown Head shot-1The forum provided an intelligent insight and prospective on the issues of creating greater female economic empowerment on a truly global agenda.  A one hat approach will not solve today’s inequalities, we need diverse strategies and solutions from dynamic change makers who are prepared to use their influence and expertise to push boundaries to make things happen for everyone on the pipeline; not just those at the top but those invisible sheroes who are making a difference under the most difficult circumstances.  I was very proud to attend this forum of dynamic ‘can do’ women looking to leave a positive economic footprint on the world platform.”  -Sonia Brown MBE, Founder and Director of the National Black Women’s Network (NBWN), WODA Recipient 2015 (UK)

The TIAW Global Forum 2015 was inspiring and energising and the quality of the speakers was excellent and very thought provoking. Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of this important forum for debate about the economic and social issues currently facing women across the world.”  -Roz Morris, MD TV News London, Global Forum Panelist ( UK)

“The TIAW Global Forum Conference was incredible.  I was invited to the free breakfast for federal government employees, but I felt led to register for the entire conference.  I am so glad I followed my heart to participate, because my life was greatly impacted.  I met phenomenal women, witnessed the great work that is going on around the world and have been inspired to do more to impact the lives of women.” Nicole S. Mason, Esquire, Success Strategist  USA

David Chavern“The event was a great opportunity for everyone to gain insights into the world of the female entrepreneur, and obtain a much deeper understanding of both the challenges and opportunities.  I am a long-term believer in the power of entrepreneurship to improve the lives of women around the world — and in the importance of having male champions of the cause of women in business.-David Chavern, President and CEO at Newspaper Association of America, TIAW Global Form panelist & WODA Champion 2015

fatema AWIt was an honor for me to be an Award recipient and forum participant. I enjoyed  meeting extraordinary women, who were able to change the future of other women for generation to come around the world!!  This event was unique in its global diversity of both speakers and participants. Many thoughtful and challenging perspectives were shared. It was valuable for the strength of its content, the professionalism of event management and the level of innovation captured and disseminated. Thank you TIAW for this superb event!! Looking forward to participate in TIAW forum 2016!!” -Fatema Abdulwahed Mohamed Al.Ahmed, Assistant Undersecretary for Human Resources & Services, Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Bahrai, WODA Recipient 2015 (Bahrain)

“It was a truly global conference with thought leaders from every part of the world. The conference was energizing, inspiring and very action driven with concrete outcomes. New partnerships and global initiatives were established.
I will come again.” -Prof. Morten Huse, Professor of Management and Governance, University of Witten/Herdecke and Professor of Organization and Management, BI Norwegian Business School

“The conference was so good and educative. A great  networking opportunity in order to help our grass root women who need information to get freedom. Thanks so much.” -Apollonia Mugumbya- TIAW Global Forum/Awards attendee (Uganda)

Sally-Muggeridge-013“It was a great honour for me to attend the Conference and receive an Award from TIAW. I was delighted to also be asked to speak on Transformative Leadership, particularly as having very recently become a Priest  after some forty years of being one of the few early senior women involved in the world of international business. I continue to act as a role model and mentor to encourage many inspiring and talented women to take on leadership roles.  I would particularly like to thank the conference organisers who had voluntarily set up a fantastic agenda that could only inspire more women to become members of TIAW (celebrating its 35th Year)” –Reverend Sally Muggeridge, WODA Recipient 2015 (UK)